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The Cape's cancellation brings in Wonder Woman.

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Sci-Fi X Inside: Found Footage Genre

The Blair Witch Project started this past decades what is now known to this day as the "Found Footage Genre". There are many films out there now which follow in each others footsteps. One of the most known, having the most sequels to date, of the genre is Paranormal Activity. Even though we as an audience know that these are fake, we still get captured in disbelief and are drawn into the way it's shot.

This past year was "to me" an interesting tv series called The River. Starting off I didn't think much of this series lasting 4 episodes. I however became interested in the actual mystery of the River and why exactly an organization wanted the "Television Host" Emmet Cole dead. Seems now we will never know since only after 8 episodes the series was cancelled. I just recently watched 2 of the latest "Found Footage" movies and found them interesting even though they were of B level grade. The Dinosaur Project and The Lost Coast Tapes are recommend watches! They may be below your level of quality, but hey, I liked them.

Captain Model T. Kirk's Random Brief Weekly Media Review.
(Broadcast live from the captains throne onboard the Toiletprise.)

  When I sat down to watch this movie Spock told me Underworld was just going to be another one of those scarey vampire films. He knows how much I'm afraid of vampires! But shortly into watching it and seeing that it was going to be something a whole lot better, I decided to check it out further. (a knock on the outhouse door interrupts our captain as he hears "Sir, are you going to be much longer?" Our captain replies "In a minute MISTER!") So it's your basic "HURRNNK HUUUUUNMK" storyline of vampires vs warewolves but to scramble it up a little they put in this guy that's family tree started the whole thing and grandpa Barnabas. Not to mention a fine chick that's the main star of the movie. I'd love to get her in my captain's quarters! (another knock and "Sir? Sir you're needed on the bridge!" Captain Model T. replies "One damn minute ensign!") Looks as though I'm going to have to cut this one short. Looking forward to watching the sequel to this film. I give Underworld a rating of 10 for it's beauty! Kirk out! Ahead flush factor 1 Mister!