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The Cape's cancellation brings in Wonder Woman.

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Sci-Fi X Inside: Found Footage Genre

The Blair Witch Project started this past decades what is now known to this day as the "Found Footage Genre". There are many films out there now which follow in each others footsteps. One of the most known, having the most sequels to date, of the genre is Paranormal Activity. Even though we as an audience know that these are fake, we still get captured in disbelief and are drawn into the way it's shot.

This past year was "to me" an interesting tv series called The River. Starting off I didn't think much of this series lasting 4 episodes. I however became interested in the actual mystery of the River and why exactly an organization wanted the "Television Host" Emmet Cole dead. Seems now we will never know since only after 8 episodes the series was cancelled. I just recently watched 2 of the latest "Found Footage" movies and found them interesting even though they were of B level grade. The Dinosaur Project and The Lost Coast Tapes are recommend watches! They may be below your level of quality, but hey, I liked them.

Captain Model T. Kirk's Random Brief Weekly Media Review.
(Broadcast live from the captains throne onboard the Toiletprise.)

  I was never much into understanding why Harry Potter was such a good story growing up until I started watching the historical documents from Earths past years ago. They have grown on me not having read the files in the Starfleet Database, I'm not into reading as much as I am watching. Just ask Sulu, I once had him read me a childrens book about a train named Thoe'maze the tank engine. He nearly put me to sleep! HUHNKKKK HUNnnn weew! Back to Potter, from the very beginning when Harry the Pot smoker and the Sorceror were both stoned to goblet on fire I have enjoyed watching these adventures. The goblet on fire had me shaking in my pink bunny slippers, I asked Dr. McCoy for something to help me sleep after watching it. I had no idea that back in early Earth's history that there were such forces of magic and dragons. Hmm, double dumb ass I'm running out of toilet paper! (Knocks on his outhouse door) Ensign, ENSIGN? "Yes Sir?" I need more Toilet paper! "Sir there is no more!" No more toilet paper? Mister! Get me something to wipe my ass! You can't expect me to walk around unclean in that region can you mister? "Ehhh, no sir, sorry sir I'll find some somewhere sir!" That's more like it! Well I'm going to end this session by saying. That Potter was a strong boy! In the future I'll examine his other adventures, that's for damn sure! Ahead flush factor 1 Mister!